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2016 Never Done Car & Bike Show, Awards, Bike Show, Bill Schultz, Car Show, Casey Grover, Celebrate Blackfoot, Clint Grover, Denise Miles, Eric McBride, Jensens Grove, Never Done, Never Done Booth, Never Done Girl Brielle, Scott Mildon, Trophies -

Well ladies and gentlemen we did it, we've officially put on a good sized car show. The final count was 78 vehicles on a small patch of grass at Jensen Grove in Blackfoot Idaho. We need to thank: Denise Miles, Casey Grover, Never Done Girl Brielle, Eric McBride, Scott Mildon, Bill Schultz, Thunder Racing Engines and lots of other people for stepping up and helping make this thing work. Photos by: Deona Gardner. According to the newspaper we now have the record for putting on the largest car show in Blackfoot's history (imagine what we can do with more time!)....

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460, Bronco, Clint J. Grover, First Timer, Head Porting, Never Done Blog -

A while ago I started working on a 460 to swap into my 78 bronco, the goal was to rebuild as much of it myself as possible in the small overcrowded shed in my back yard with no previous experience and just see how it turned out (famous last words!). I'm hoping to end up with a relatively mild 300-350 hp "slightly modified" 460 at the end of the process that I can call my own......and doesn't explode! The engine is pulled down and I've decided to do my own port work on the old D3VE heads, yes those are...

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Advertising, Beanies, Clint Grover, Clothing, Fashion, Fitted, Flat Bill, Hat Trick, Hats, Snapback -

Never Done Industries seems to be ever evolving, with our roots in automotive composite manufacturing and performance parts to all kinds of digital and print media/entertainment, hell we've even branched out into our own clothing brand. No matter how much this business grows we maintain a single focus: Automotive Lifestyle. I suppose the definition of this term could be argued but the way we define it is "anything a car guy/girl would be interested in or think was cool, we do". Never Done Clothing has been around since Warren (the co-founder) and I originally came up with this whole crazy...

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GMC, Honey Do List, One for the ladies, Painted Emblem, Plasti-Dip, Purple, Sparkle -

When it comes to customizing vehicles it's easy to get caught up in the idea that it's a "mans game", well I'm here to tell you that you're wrong! Women are getting in on this custom car thing at an exponential rate and some of them are REALLY good at it!   I consider myself a fairly hardcore "car guy", I have 7 cars/trucks and not a single one of them is stock, nor will they ever be. I do as much of my own work on them as I can (time and talent permitted) and I take pride in...

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Car Wash, Clint Grover, How NOT To Drive, Off Road, Spring, Spring Wash, Winter -

Well ladies and gentlemen I believe that Spring has FINALLY sprung here in Idaho. It's been a long torturous road filled with blind hope and snowy letdowns but I believe we're at the end of the frozen tunnel and that means one thing to car guys, it's WASH TIME! The winter months here in Idaho are long and ruthless, the snow arrives early and stays long after it's worn out it's welcome. For those of us with a truck the winter is no big deal, in fact it can even be a hell of a lot of fun! But freezing...

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