Hat Trick - Never Done

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Hat Trick - Never Done

Never Done Industries seems to be ever evolving, with our roots in automotive composite manufacturing and performance parts to all kinds of digital and print media/entertainment, hell we've even branched out into our own clothing brand. No matter how much this business grows we maintain a single focus: Automotive Lifestyle. I suppose the definition of this term could be argued but the way we define it is "anything a car guy/girl would be interested in or think was cool, we do".
Never Done Clothing has been around since Warren (the co-founder) and I originally came up with this whole crazy Never Done Industries idea but we were always so focused on the composites side of the business that the clothing took a back seat. Fast forward several years, some growth and LOTS of lessons learned and here we are today FINALLY growing our clothing line!
Never Done Hats
While it's true that we offer a handful of different shirts/tops as well as several misc items (coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc.) the big push at the moment is on our hats. We put in a lot of time and effort to make sure we had a good selection of high quality (my top priority) hats to fit just about any "style". We will undoubtedly be adding more styles in the future but I think we've got a pretty cool selection right now, check em out:
First: The Beanies
Being a beanie man myself (I look like a farmer in anything else) I wanted to make sure we had something that was comfortable, high quality and fashionable. The cool thing about these is that they look so much different depending on who wears them, the photo below is of model Kasey Marcum just look at how stylish and beautiful she looks. On the opposite end though I look like a "tough guy" or a cholo when I wear mine! They're just so versatile that they were an absolute must when it came time to make our final selections. 
Never Done beanie on model Kasey Marcum
White Never Done Beanie N3V3R DON3
White Never Done Beanie
Second: The Standard Bill Fitted Hats
These are the Originals! This is the hat we started with almost 10 years ago and it's still a timeless classic (although we did update the logo placement and size). When we show up to an event, these are always the best sellers.
Black fitted Never Done hat
check out this picture (below) from 2009 when we were first "thinking about" marketing our hats. Model: Whitleigh
Pink fitted Never Done hat with Never Done Girl Whitleigh
Third: The Flat Bill Fitted Hats
When the occasion calls for me to wear a ball cap these are the ones I go with, I really like the flat bill and they fit like a glove. If you've ever been to a Never Done photo shoot you've probably seen me walking around taking one of these off and putting it back on 100 times a day (because I know that even in a cool hat, I look like a farmer!)
White flat bill Never Done fitted hat
Black fitted flat bill Never Done hat
Finally: The Snapbacks
These represent a long time vision and a BIG step forward into the fashion industry for Never Done. A few years ago I had a picture pop in my head of a black and white snapback hat with this really cool Never Done logo on it. It was something trendy, something fashionable, something you'd buy because it was cool, not just because you liked Never Done. It took a few years before my vision became a reality (as is often the case) but here I can proudly say we have it and I couldn't be any more proud!
Never Done Snapback hats white, pink and yellow
These babies are currently taking up the bulk of our advertising budget so next time you see one of our many ads running on your social media stream or in your search engine give it a like or a share, we'll definitely appreciate it!
Never Done Hat ad
Pink snapback Never Done hat with Taylor MissHouston
 Thank you for reading this weeks blog post.
Clint J. Grover
Clint Grover


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