Super Duty Fun 2015

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Super Duty Fun 2015

lifted red Ford F350 Super Duty in a field with chrome rims and 37" mud tires

Today we decided to take the Never Done Super Duty out to have a little off road fun, we used the excuse "we need to do some camera equipment testing" to avoid catching heat from the suits! Here's a quick spec sheet on the Never Done Super Duty: It's a 2005 Ford F350, 4 wheel drive, has an automatic transmission and is motivated by fords 3 valve V10 gasoline engine. The Super Duty has a 6" Rough Country lift kit sporting dual front shocks and steering stabilizers, 37x12.5x18 Toyo Open Country MT's on 18" Moto Metal Wheels. We swapped out the factory gear sets front and rear in favor of some 4.56's, added a custom exhaust, a higher flowing air filter, an SCT tuner..... Oh yeah and a 100 shot of NITROUS!!!

Clint Grover driving his lifted Ford Super Duty through a river with his hand out the window

Here you see our fearless (crazy) leader Clint Grover foraging into the unknown depths of the river for some full throttle fun! Luckily the river wasn't very deep here! 

2005 F350 doing a burnout in the river throwing a rooster tail

This photo was taken 3/4 of the way through a mid river full throttle donut, talk about a crazy bastard! It was MUCH cooler in person and YES we got some video footage of the event that we will release in a future video project on our YouTube channel

No broken parts, no injuries and some kick ass fun was had today so we consider this "equipment testing trip" a success!!


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  • Suga Tits

    That’s a nice truck, I think I’ve seen you around town. Next time you go on an adventure let me know, two trucks are better than one!

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