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The Rat Rod

The Rat Rod

part 1

Crazy custom 1938 Buick Rat Rod Pickup
The Rat Rod is my (Clint Grover) most recent project vehicle. A good friend and great supporter of Never Done Industries (Bill) discovered this masterpiece a few years ago on a run to the local scrapyard. Being a long time gearhead Bill knew that he couldn't possibly let this creation go to the crusher so he made a deal with the scrapyard, loaded it on the trailer and headed for home. The story he gave me (from what I can recall) was that the car came from Montana, it was a combination of several vehicles: up front was a 1938 Buick, the cab a 1935 chevy, the windshield and front bumper had come from a Ford Model A, that sun visor was a Studebaker piece, the bed and floor pans were custom fabricated and the whole thing was sitting atop a 1991 Chevy S10 frame.
This is where it get's kind of cool, EVERYTHING under the car is still original S10 equipment, the fuel injected 4.3L v6, 5 speed transmission, computer, gauge cluster, even the original wiring harness front to back. This thing was built to be a driver! When Bill got the car home there had been a TON of work done but it was not in running condition, it was having computer issues and spewing coolant and smoke from one of the exhaust pipes. Now Bill knows his way around a car so it didn't take long for him to resolve the issues and get the car into running shape, this is where I come in. Bill called me to come check out his new project, he said I wouldn't believe my eyes! Not one to turn away from a good time I jumped in the truck and headed his way. After what seemed like the longest trip I'd ever made across town I arrived at his shop, I walked through the door and there it was! One of the most wonderful rat rods I'd ever seen! It was perfect in almost every way and my first thought was "One day I will own this car, I MUST have this car". Here's what I saw that day:
1938 Rat Rod
Rusty Rat Rod Buick
The car had so much going on that I didn't even know where to look first, it was a complete sensory overload and I LOVED it! I told him "If you EVER decide to sell this car please let me know, I'll be the first in line!"
After tinkering with the car for a year or two Bill had finally decided that he was ready to sell it, you already know who he called first! I've never pulled money out of my pocket so fast in my life!

Now as you probably already know, ANY TIME you buy a project vehicle it ABSOLUTELY will leave your ass stuck on the side of the road when you try to get it home, that's just how it works. Damnit, under the hood I went.

Towing a broken down rat rod

 There's been a LOT of work done on the Rat Rod since then, stay tuned for part 2 of the Rat Rod project. I'm going to try to update the blog every week (probably Monday's) so check back often.


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