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Never Done Photoshoot time

The time has yet again come upon us, it's September so that means it's time for our BIG annual photoshoot. This is one of the craziest times of the year for us and I can assure you that I absolutely could not do this without a LOT of help from some very good people (You know who you are, THANK YOU!). Before you decide to jump into the calendar game (don't compete against us, I will crush you!) here are some of the things we run into every year:

1st: where are we going to have the shoot? This seems easy enough to answer but keep in mind that we do a calendar EVERY year so the background can't always be the same and I can promise you that if you don't have cool stuff in the background, nobody will want your calendar. We have the advantage of having good relationships with some guys that have EXCELLENT shoot locations and we REALLY appreciate the fact that they let us use their facilities for our shoots! Have a look




You get the idea.


2nd: Vehicles.

Finding enough nice vehicles for a shoot every year should be a challenge, luckily for us Car guys/girls are like a great big family so there's always someone willing to bring their vehicle down for us to take pictures of............really really cool pictures!



This section could go on for EVER! This is our favorite part of the entire thing, as car guys ourselves we LOVE getting to check out the INCREDIBLE custom vehicles people bring to our shoots!

3rd: The Girls

This is the part that most of you would think is the best but I'm a car guy, I wanna look at the cars first! Now for the other 99% of our male fanbase here's how it works. You have to start by finding girls pretty enough to model, then you try to convince them that you're not just another pervert trying to get into their panties like the other 100 guys they've talked to that day, then you figure out what they're going to wear (for those of you who are or have ever been married, you already know how easy this one is!), account for the 50% of them that will call you right before the photoshoot to tell you that they cannot make it because their grandma died, you have to feed them (yes these girls eat more than just a single leaf of lettuce every month), get them to take off 1/2 of their clothes and smile pretty for you (while still trying not to look like just another perv) and finally photoshop out any of the tiny imperfections that they may have (if you don't, they will kill you when you release these photos to the public!). Other than that you basically just sit back and ENJOY because lets be honest, this will be the coolest thing you do all year!


You're welcome!........wait, you want more? Ok.

Ok that's enough! Click on the Girls section if you want to see more of the lovely Never Done Girls.


4th: Production, marketing, sales, blah blah blah

The final portion can be pretty easily summed up: You start by giving up any free time you may have once had to go through and edit the 53,023,000,302 photos you've taken, narrow them down to the top 13, sell everything you own to pay for printing, then stand on the corner and beg people to buy while you pedal your wares!

That's the process in a nutshell, now you know what it is we mean when we say "It's Photoshoot time!"

Now it's time for me to get my ass back to work, I've got a LOT of planning to do! Thank you for reading this weeks blog entry and stay tuned for early release photos from the shoot!



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