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Behind the scenes look at the Never Done Photo Shoot

Well folks we've officially finished up our big calendar shoot for the year, that's not to say that we won't have several more small shoots as cool things come our way but we can officially put this one in the books and let me tell you it was a REALLY good one this year! We had a wonderful variety of vehicles this year, here are a few of them:

behind the scenes VW Rat Bug

We called this one the rat bug, keep an eye on our "Cars" section as we plan to do a full write up on this one before too long. You're going to be REALLY surprised to see the monster that hangs off the back of this thing. Makes you wonder what its going to be doesn't it?

Custom VW rat bug with small block chevy at Thunder Racing Engines



1968 Chevy Camaro

Super clean Camaro with a Thunder Racing Engine under the hood and a carseat in the back!

custom 1938 Buick Rat Rod Pickup

We even brought the Rat Rod down for the shoot! Yes, we drove it there!

1967 Ford Falcon hot rod

This was a cool Falcon and guess what? It too sports a Thunder Racing Engine, go ahead and roll up on it, let me know how it goes for you! ;)

IMCA dirt car with cowgirl model

They claim that there's a dirt car in this photo..........Yeah, I don't see it.

Harley Davidson with ape hangers and brunette model

Yes, we like bikes too! This one has a bad ass paint job!

crazy custom jeep with led headlights

This Jeep was a show stopper, watch the "Cars" section of the site, you'll see more of this beauty soon!

I think you get the idea. We had some cool stuff there and we REALLY appreciate the people willing to spend their time cleaning up their vehicles, bringing them down to the shoot, then enduring the torture that is standing around watching beautiful women sprawl all over them while we take photos. We're sorry for torturing you, but thanks for bringing us your car.

When you put on a shoot of this magnitude it involves a lot of people and I can assure you that they were all enjoying themselves!

cute kid with hot rod toy car

Even the kids were having fun!

Never Done Girls with Mike from The Upholstery Center

This was one of the vehicle owners (Mike of The Upholstery Center) enjoying some time with this years models.

This year we had all sorts of last minute changes and wrenches thrown in our gears but we had a strong team so it never slowed us down! This was one of the best shoots we've EVER had and I cannot wait to start releasing the photos!

Casey Grover taking pictures of Never Done Girls Brielle and Sharlie

Here's Casey (Our photographer) getting the girls set for some AWESOME photos.

Casey Grover photographing Never Done Girl Belinda behind the scenes

Casey really raised the bar this year.



Never Done Girls' butts

This one doesn't really have a purpose, it's just butts. Maybe people shouldn't give me the camera.

We all had such a good time that the girls were able to talk me into crawling under my truck and posing like an idiot for a group photo.....There are worse things.

Clint Grover with Never Done Girls posing over him

We took almost 800 photos and nearly 50 video files at this shoot so you'd better believe that we're going to be releasing some KICK ASS media in the coming months as well as our 2016 Never Done Calendar! Thank you for reading this weeks blog post and please stay tuned!

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  • Lars Miller

    Excellent shoot location. The Thunder Ranch has alway been a favorite of mine. Special thanks to Dr. Gearbox for bulking up the squirrels under the hoods. Nothing like the smell of horsepower in the morning .

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