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Where did the name Never Done come from?

For this weeks blog post I've decided to take a step back to the origins of the name Never Done Industries, enjoy.

This story originates in the summer of 2006, I (Clint) was working as a driver for a medical supply company. I worked long hours, was always on call and was being paid very poorly, needless to say I was in the market for something else to do with my time. As luck would have it the other gentlemen who shared my position in the medical supply company was also looking for something with a future. He and I spoke daily about our interests and abilities, our goals and ambitions for life etc. After some time we concluded that we had something very useful in common, we both LOVED cars! Neither of us having any money nor anything but our good work ethic and limited spare time to offer we set out to create something that we could grow into a successful business that could one day take care of our needs and the needs of our children. The only thing we knew for sure was that we wanted it to have something to do with cars as that was something that both of us could remain passionate about.



Without any money or a shop to work in things weren't looking up for us, how could we possibly do something with cars without either of these things? For those of you that know me personally you know that this was no obstacle in my mind, for those of you that don't suffice it to say that it'll be a cold day in hell before I allow something to stand in my way and stop me from achieving my goal, no matter the obstacle or how long it takes.

Not being deterred by the fact that we had no idea what our business was going to do or what service it would provide we set off to start creating a name and a logo for this exciting new adventure we'd started. Warren (the gentlemen I spoke of earlier) and I were on our way just as soon as we came up with a name........... After a great deal of discussion we came to our first conclusion and called the business Grover Garner Industries or GGI (our last names), we immediately started on our logos hoping to find inspiration and direction for our business idea. here they are.

 Now that we had a name and a start to an image we had to figure out exactly what it was we were going to do. One day during a long discussion about potential directions for our business we stumbled upon an idea, I had spent quite a lot of time in years previous learning about and tinkering with fiberglass and other composite materials, that was it! That's what we would offer, fiberglass and carbon fiber parts for cars, motorcycles, trucks, you name it! Our company officially had a vision, we would become a manufacturer of high quality American Made automotive styling and performance pieces. I was to share my knowledge and skill with Warren, we'd work our asses off and we'd figure the rest out as we went. The two of us spent countless hours researching composites, competitors, current automotive styling trends, anything that we could use to elevate our business. Then one day during yet another lengthy discussion (we did a LOT of these!) it came to my attention that everyone in the industry seemed to be doing the same things, everyone was following a lead and nobody seemed to be doing anything different or innovative. I was getting sick an tired of seeing 100 body kits and hoods for honda civics and acura integras that all looked the same, it wasn't exciting nor was it a direction I was interesting in going. As I pondered this I was reminded of something that my father in law (at the time) had recently told me as I was giving praise to his beautiful 69 Mach 1 Mustang, keep in mind that this thing was a finished show car, he told me "It's pretty nice but it isn't finished.........hahaha it'll probably never be done". here's the car:

That was it! We weren't going to do the same thing as everyone else, we were going to be different and we understood that no matter how much money you'd dumped into your beloved vehicle that it would truly never be done, there would always be something more to add to your masterpiece. This was the essence of the "Car Guy", this was something big, this was something significant that meant something to us, it was time to change our name from Grover Garner Industries to Never Done Industries and that's exactly what we did. Again the logo process ensued as we searched for a new image for our infant business idea:

None of these initial logos were hitting the mark, they just didn't feel right (and they looked like shit) so we kept at it:

This one felt better, so we decided to run with it. We purchased a domain name for our website, borrowed a temporary vehicle shelter (you now the plastic one car garages that last for about 6 months if the wind doesn't blow), bought what little materials we could afford and tore into my 2001 Oldsmobile Alero. Keep in mind that we were working in a plastic tent in my back yard in the middle of winter, with no heat using materials that require climate control. Warren and I busted our asses every night after work trying to use what little we had to develop new products for our business. Working in freezing temperatures and dealing with mental and physical exhaustion required the use of music to keep us motivated and moving forward. Warren was a metal head through and through but I preferred rap music, one evening it was my turn to choose the music so I selected a rapper by the name of Slim Thug and a song entitled "I Aint Heard Of That" here it is:

 For some reason that night this song struck a chord with me, we were so focused on doing something different, something new and innovative, we were building parts for an Alero for hells sake! That was unheard of at the time. Around the middle of the song I told Warren, "we build parts for Aleros, you aint heard of that". We joked back and forth about it for a while then it hit me, that was our motto; You aint heard of that. This was something I wanted everyone who saw our logo to know, I wanted them to know that we don't do the same shit as everyone else, we are different and we are doing the things our way. That's the night the image of our business took shape, finally we had created the image and the direction that would be Never Done. Everyone asks what the red letters below our name stand for, they are our motto You Aint Heard Of That (although a very slang version of) Ye Aint Herd A Dat

Obviously a LOT has happened since the early days of this business, stay tuned for future blog posts where I'll tell you more of the Never Done story.

Thank you for reading this weeks post and for those of you curious, here is a photo of the EXTREMELY hard working man who helped me start Never Done Industries Mr. Warren D. Garner. Without him this absolutely would not be where it is today, thank you Warren.

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    That is a fantastic Car from your calendar!!! I love this story…new to me. I will show it to the car owner.

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