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Exciting News about the 2016 Never Done Calendars

As most of you who follow our social media already know (because I've spammed the hell out of your facebook pages! lol) we recently opened a pre-order option on the 2016 Never Done Calendars. Now this isn't just any pre-order, this is a Never Done style pre-order and we do things big......how big you ask? Well we figured that we'd just go ahead and offer these babies at 1/2 price just as a reward for those of you who wanted to jump on the train before it left the station. Why did we do this? Cause it's cool to get stuff at half price, that's why!

Let's get into the meat and potatoes of this years calendar starting with the Cover. This years cover girl is Never Done Girl Brielle (stay tuned, she and the other girls from the shoot will likely have their own sections on the "Girls" page very soon). The vehicle on the cover is a show stopping jeep with a blown small block, HUGE street tires and a WHEELIE BAR!!! This thing is a MASTERPIECE, everyone at the shoot was awestruck when this thing rolled in and you'd better believe that we'll be featuring it on the "Cars" section of the site. The entire shoot was done at Thunder Racing Engines in Blackfoot Idaho so don't give us any credit for the badass racing engines in the background of the photos, they aren't ours (sad face). Anyways here's the cover:

Soak that shit in! It feels good doesn't it?


 Brielle shows up a few more times in this years calendar so keep an eye on our social media and on future blog posts to see them, or quit being a cheap ass and order a calendar! lol. Okay fine, here's one more freebie: Don't say I never gave you anything.

I suppose that this photo will appeal to those of you with a thing for feet as well but for me this one is much more than that. Look at the metal patchwork, the grinding scratches, the fresh interior and gauges of the car, then stop and appreciate the fact that Never Done Girl Brielle looks like a freaking porcelain doll in there, absolutely beautiful photo and I'm proud to have it in this years calendar. Brielle was an absolute pleasure to work with, she brought the "Girl Next Door" look like nobody's business and it made for some really great photos.

While we're on the subject of names that start with a "B" let's move to another one of this years models Never Done Girl Belinda. We've been doing calendars for quite a while (this is our 8th) and if there's one thing we've learned it's that if you want a complete car calendar you MUST have a hot blonde! I'm sure you'll agree that we more than hit the mark with this one:

We got some really good shots of Belinda (a few of them are in the calendar and several more of them will turn into posters later on) but this one was one of my favorites, a little bit of sweat and an old rat rod in the background with kind of a grungy feel? Yeah, I count that as a win. Belinda was fun because she could go from a gritty photo like the one above to a clean nice looking photo without hesitation:

Notice the super custom Upholstery on that jeep? That would be the work of the infamous Mike Lyon (The owner of The Upholstery Center in Idaho Falls, ID). 

 So let's say you're not into blondes we've got you covered in this years calendar! How about an athletic brunette? This is Never Done Girl Sharlie:

Isn't that a cool tattoo on her leg? I really liked it. That Camaro is packing a Thunder Racing Engine as well and odds are it'll probably hand you your ass if you roll up on it! I can honestly tell you that this swimsuit literally changed the mood of the room when Sharlie walked in, it was so fun and happy looking that everyone instantly lit up! Never Done Girl Sharlie wasn't all happy swimsuits though, she had a badass side to her as well, check her out in this rugged shot with Virgils custom harley:

We did several photos with this bike because it was just so versatile but this one was a top pick.

 Ok now for you country boys, I can hear you bitching and complaining that I never have any cowgirls in the calendar. While I'm at it let me address the guys that say that we never feature any dirt racing vehicles, well ladies and gentlemen please allow me to introduce Never Done Girl Jessie:

This girl did a great job of keeping things fun during the shoot, she's surely the life of the party wherever she goes and I must say that she makes that race car look pretty good too. One of the things about Never Done Girl Jessie was that she didn't just look good from the front..............well just look for yourself:

I'll pause for effect here...................................

I guess that about wraps it up, that's the group of models and those are 6 of the images from the 2016 calendar. A fun fact here is that this is the first time I've EVER allowed photos to be leaked to the public before the calendars were released, in fact there's a story going around that I once used 11 alligators and 2/3 cup of crushed ghost peppers to keep the photos private, the truth may never be known but suffice it to say that I must be getting soft because this year all of the calendar photos are floating around on facebook for your viewing pleasure. 

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you not only for reading these blog posts and following us but for supporting our calendars every year, we really enjoy doing them and it wouldn't be possible without your support so I sincerely thank you.

As of today the calendars have officially started processing at the printers and will soon be shipping them to us so that we can start sending them out. The 1/2 price deal only goes until the day the calendars arrive on our doorstep so if you're looking for a deal then click on the "Home" button at the top of the page and go to the Pre-Order link on the homepage!

That's all for this weeks blog post, stay tuned for more from the world of Never Done.

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