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A while ago I started working on a 460 to swap into my 78 bronco, the goal was to rebuild as much of it myself as possible in the small overcrowded shed in my back yard with no previous experience and just see how it turned out (famous last words!). I'm hoping to end up with a relatively mild 300-350 hp "slightly modified" 460 at the end of the process that I can call my own......and doesn't explode! The engine is pulled down and I've decided to do my own port work on the old D3VE heads, yes those are...

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As a long time automotive enthusiast and owner of several different vehicles I've grown accustomed to the fact that they require me to spend my money on them regularly. Just to keep them in good running order (yes as the moment all of my vehicles run) requires a fairly substantial budget: tires, fluids, tuneups, licensing and registration, fuel, insurance, misc. odds and ends, etc. it adds up quickly when you're doing these things on 7 cars/trucks. Now that's all fine and dandy for the average "enthusiast" but I'm not your average "car guy", I'm a Gearhead, a Hot Rodder, a...

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The time has officially come to give the Never Done Bronco some BIG BLOCK Ford POWER!!! We're talking 460 cubic inches of home made fire breathing off road annihilation! The video above was filmed with the bronco's original 400 modified ford engine. Now the 400m is a good engine and we've even made a few upgrades to it but the fact of the matter is that she's getting tired and it's time to either rebuild her or replace her. I went back and forth for months trying to decide which direction to take, I like the idea of having the...

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When it comes to getting me gifts apparently I'm not easy to buy for. To help alleviate this pressure I decided to make a "wish list" on amazon, that way I could pick exactly what it was (car guys have to get specific parts and tools) I wanted and all they had to do was add it to their shopping cart, easy as pie! The list was targeted at my girlfriend, we'd established a budget so I started finding things that fit within that budget. One of the things I selected as an option was one of those portable jump...

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