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A while ago I started working on a 460 to swap into my 78 bronco, the goal was to rebuild as much of it myself as possible in the small overcrowded shed in my back yard with no previous experience and just see how it turned out (famous last words!). I'm hoping to end up with a relatively mild 300-350 hp "slightly modified" 460 at the end of the process that I can call my own......and doesn't explode! The engine is pulled down and I've decided to do my own port work on the old D3VE heads, yes those are...

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Friday night after work I had big plans, plans to head home and do not only my personal taxes but the taxes for Never Done as well! WOOOOHOOOOOO!! PARTY!!!!!! NOT. I had been preparing and organizing documents for weeks and was finally ready to dive in (with similar enthusiasm as someone might have while being drug behind a car). Just as I was getting settled into my computer chair my phone rang (not an uncommon occurrence) it was an old friend of mine, in fact it was none other than the guy who helped me prototype the hood on the...

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