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As most of you who follow our social media already know (because I've spammed the hell out of your facebook pages! lol) we recently opened a pre-order option on the 2016 Never Done Calendars. Now this isn't just any pre-order, this is a Never Done style pre-order and we do things big you ask? Well we figured that we'd just go ahead and offer these babies at 1/2 price just as a reward for those of you who wanted to jump on the train before it left the station. Why did we do this? Cause it's cool to get...

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The time has yet again come upon us, it's September so that means it's time for our BIG annual photoshoot. This is one of the craziest times of the year for us and I can assure you that I absolutely could not do this without a LOT of help from some very good people (You know who you are, THANK YOU!). Before you decide to jump into the calendar game (don't compete against us, I will crush you!) here are some of the things we run into every year: 1st: where are we going to have the shoot? This seems...

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