I knew it. As soon as I posted it, I knew should not have. "It will be fine" I said. "Your luck is changing" I assured myself yet there I was sitting in front of an Auto Zone (Not a sponsor... Yet wink wink Auto Zone) trying to dig my radiator cap out of my fan belt housing covered in coolant and pissed!!!

Here is how my week went after "The Post".  I had the stupid idea to write about how at any moment your trusted friend and transportation can take a crap and leave you stranded. That Thursday two lights popped on on the dash. This is troubling because we just put a butt ton of money into the vehicle fixing every little thing we were assured was wrong with it, then ding ding, The ESC off light and the ABS light both popped on!. Great I though more shit to fix. So Like a grown ass angry man does. I threw a fit and let it sit hoping that it would fix itself. And it did!!! Until it didn't and the problem got way worse the next week. The brakes were growling and screeching just every now and then like something was way wrong but only part of the time.  I got the codes read and it was a faulty speed sensor going into the ABS unit. The same area they were working before and if you know older electrical clips and wires they are very easy to break. So we called the shop to fix it. They didn't call back and the brakes once again magically fixed themselves.

Well It worked fine for a week and since we have one car at the moment and I have less time then sense, I took the car to work on Friday knowing that it would get in next week early and all would be right with the world. 

Then I walked out after work to see my car sitting there with a newly formed puddle under it. Still dripping!! My heart raced as I got closer what could it be? It hasn't moved since this morning! What the hell! Why now!! The closer I got close I could tell that it was indeed still dripping and had a good little puddle going on. But what was it? What the hell?? Coolant?!?!?! Why the hell am I leaking coolant when the car is not on or hot. If I popped a hose I would have noticed on the drive in. At this point in my work clothes I'm on my hands and knees looking for the source of the leak wondering what the hell is going on. I pull the cap and it is low on coolant but no empty so after a call to my car Doc Clint I figure not much I can do here I will limp it to Auto Zone get some coolant and see where I can get it before it needs to stop.

I take off fully thinking I am going to need to stop every so often to cool down and let it rest get some water etc. But nothing! The needle didn't get past the mid way point. So head scratching and hopeful I get to Auto Zone expecting to smell the sweetish burning smell of hot coolant from what has to be a hole that is just pissing coolant at this point. Looked under the car and... nothing. Not a damn thing was dripping. What the hell??? I'll get the coolant anyway maybe it needs to sit a min and that will show me the leak or leaks, that's it I fooled myself.

I walked in bought the coolant and walked out to see, nothing! I was happy and pissed. It was leaking! I saw it! My coworkers saw it! I was a good sized puddle and it was still dripping now after running it is doing NOTHING!!

Frustrated I grabbed the radiator cap to fill it with the newly purchased and I had told myself completely unnecessary coolant when I forgot the cardinal rule of working with coolant systems. Wait... till... they... cool!! WOOOOOSH!! Coolant came shooting out of the still hot radiator like old faithful on benifiber! Hot coolant rained down on the engine then I got my sweetish burning coolant smell!! Hot DAMN!! I jumped back but not before getting a nice spray all over my work clothes. (I work in an office during the week so yeah it was great!)

Son of a bitch!

Well shit I see a puddle now I yelled! and I kicked myself for being so stupid.

I let it cool down a little bit and added the coolant that I was now sure it needed because half of it was on the parking lot and in my cars engine bay!

So I filled it up ran it a little to get any bubbles out and let it settle and still saw no drips! Well shit something is wrong but I can't see it and I'm covered in coolant and pissed so I will just cap it and head...... Where the hell is the cap?

In the eruption I had lost my grip on the radiator cap and it had landed God KNOWS WHERE! Really?!? I had a self healing car that was ready to go and I can't leave because my dumbass lost the radiator cap???

So I poked and prodded getting my already soiled work clothes even more dirty and sticky when clank, clank, I heard it. I didn't see it, just heard it.

It was in the fan housing!

Well long story short I climbed under the car on top of the car and every which way and finally a combo of me with a magnet stick from on top and an employee under with a flashlight and another stick finally got the cap. I was filthy, smelly and had most likely ruined my clothes. I was pissed.

The car made it home with no problems, drove the whole weekend with no problems made it to the mechanic with no problems and after a bunch more money, several hoses and ABS parts later....... I am not even going it say it! Lets just say I told you so and end this blog before something else on my car breaks.

Wife from the garage "Babe what is a TPMS light and why did it just come on in the car"

MOTHER ^%$#$%^&^%$#$%$$%()&*)*@)*#

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