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Hello again it's The Other Guy here. I recently had the privilege of visiting Space Center Houston (Johnson Space Center) and wow was it an awesome trip. If you are at all a fan of space, history or big ass engines and cool stuff you will enjoy it.

I was standing in what looked like an indoor football arena and holding a rocket that took up the entire thing. This was huge!

You could fit my ford bronco in the one of the first rear engines! This was HUGE!

While standing there mouth agape it hit me! NASA had to be started by car guys!

Looking at these giant powerful monster engines, seeing the stats on how many millions of horse power these beast create, I could not help but to think. Damn if they gave a bunch of car guys these resources what would they come up with? Think about it. Who else besides NASA thinks strapping yourself to a tube filled with fuel powered by fire going such speeds where any little mistake could spell disaster? A CAR GUY!

The similarities between what I think NASA started as, and a typical car guy are stacking up in my head at this point. "Hey Bill I bet if we try this we can get a bigger boost!" NASA and car guy. "Dude if we give it just a little more fuel it will really get going!" Both again! "Shit... that's gonna cost some money to fix" You know they both say that one. And finally "DAMN! THAT WAS COOL!!!" I can bet you money NASA and car guys say that on a daily basis.

Looking to get the best fuel efficiency, cooler gadgets, keeping the weight down, how best to cut through the air, looking for new parts and pieces to make life easier and better and the quest for more power. The lines blur the farther you look. 

And if you look to deep at the start, NASA had to born out of redneck ingenuity and like many great power advancements, a double dare.

Dude I bet you a case of beer we can strap that guy to a grain silo filled with fuel blow that shit up and send that dude to the moon!! I don't know what the history books say or what the "official" creation story of NASA was, but in my humble opinion and after walking around Space Center Houston for a day, NASA had to be started by one history creating hold my beer moment.

Clint how about a Rocket Powered car video for the Never Done page one of these days?

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