Come on Man!!!

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Come on Man!!!

The Other Guy here. Throwing knowledge at you once again. Today's theme is a familiar one! Car trouble!

I have had more than one meeting with my cars undercarriage in the last few months. And not because of something cool I wanted to add but because something failed. This last time, and where this weeks story begins, we were actually driving into town to get the car looked at and fixed when it started to over heat. They day before it started to get hot and once we got home I saw that it was super low on coolant so I let it cool down, filled up the tank ran it to get any bubbles out and test for leaks and any signs of overheating. Nothing but it had had enough troubles that I just wanted to get it fixed so cut short my vacation (by all of it) and the next day took the car in to get this mystery condition fixed.

Well long story short 20 mins in to the drive and we were on the side of the road overheating and calling AAA to get a tow.

So while we watched our car get lifted up onto the tow truck I figured we broke down in a fairly well to do area and I will ask the tow truck driver some questions.

The last truck driver I talked to told me about how many times he had a gun pulled on him and how he hated going to court to testify against these assholes. So I figured it would at least be entertaining. 

I just decided to not pull any punches, as a 2015 Maserati Quattroporte pulls into the gas station we were parked in"What's the nicest car you have ever towed"

He looked shocked as if I should be pissed and or worried about my car, which I was, but I figured I might as well entertain myself while I watch our car make the trip. He though a min and the cars started rolling off the tongue. "I have towed a crap ton of Corvettes but that's mostly because around here there are a crap ton!"

"I have towed a lot of classic cars, Camaros, several hot rods, a really sweet 57 Bel Air, some for shows and some because they broke down."

"I had this one guy that slammed his, I guess it used to look awesome, 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible into a pole. I mean it was trashed. And the whole time I'm loading the car up and all its parts he is snapping pictures and telling me not to scratch this or that! He actually called my boss and tried to complain that I put a deep scratch in his rear fender!!" "I told my boss I couldn't tell if I scratched it because it was in the damn trunk!!"

I got a good chuckle out of that one.

As my car got the final strap down and was ready to make its trip to the repair shop he had one more story to tell me.

"Man I have towed a crap ton of cars all in the $100,000 plus range but there was one that will always stand out in my mind. Several months ago we had some really bad flooding." I said "yeah I remember it took me 5 hours to get home it was awful"

"Well some people have more money then sense and a very well off and impatient man decided that he didn't have the time to let the river recede back and make the road drive-able again. So he backed up and lined up with what he though was the most shallow area of the flooded road. And he and his 2015 Lamborghini Huracan made the mad dash!! Well as you can imagine it ended the way you though it would. He made it to a point then he stopped making it and started backing up. He got most of the way back then it died! I got there had to hook up under his car in the water and pull this, God I don't know expensive car, out of a flooded street and watch the water pour out of holes that water is not suppose to come out of. It was super sad and funny at the same time. He was pissed and saying damn it I should have be able to make it. For as much as this damn car cost I should have been able to make it. I said dude this could have been a damn spaceship and you would have gotten stuck. You tried to go through 4 feet of water in a 3 foot tall car!! Come on!"

I shook his hand and as my car drove away I though, well hell,  I guess the repair bill could be a whole hell of a lot worse!!


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