What Were They Thinking?!?

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What Were They Thinking?!?

Hey everyone is The Other Guy here again.

Today I will not be telling you tales of car troubles or bring you funny stories of days past. Today I just have a question and a photo. 


What the Hell were they thinking?



Ok now that I have given you enough time to check that you are indeed not dreaming or on a bad acid trip I suspect that you are probably as dumbfounded as I am and was after my wife showed me this picture she took of an actual "car?"

This is not just a bad paint job or a crude repair or modification this is CARZY!!

Lets look at this monstrosity one area at a time if we can. First the front.

Now in Texas horns and skulls are commonly seen attached to grills and used as decoration in homes. But I have never seen a long horn skull slapped onto the hood of a ... I am guessing because I can't really tell ...hatchback? And the skulls that I have seen are never be-dazzled!! Speaking of be-dazzling look at the "paint job" it looks like a middle school girl was having a fun time blinging out her phone and thought "hey you know where this would look really cool? Like all over my carrrrrrr!" (In my head high school kids hold their R's too long) I see artwork and may other little things and this is just the front. I haven't even migrated the the City park like hood!

Complete with statues, buildings, a creepy arms wide open baby and what looks like a snail? All this needs is a public bathroom and you could put in for certification.

Out of all this things I was thinking while looking at this "car" the one that came back over and over again was what kind of glue did they use. Cause some of the pot holes that I have hit around here sent me flying. There is no way a little super glue is keeping that pineapple looking butt plug from smashing through someones rear window or sending that creepy baby in the the open arms of an oncoming truck. No way no how. So what did they use?

Now lets move to the rear.

This looks like the fridge of proud parents of 4, 3 year olds! complete with a framed picture, a hope cutout and I know somewhere there has to be a plaster hand print on this thing. There just has to!! What I am hoping is that the blue thing in the back is either the magic carpet that flies this car back to never never land or a full sized car fanny pack!

But I will say one thing. You took the time to cover the windows and keep you from seeing anything but your own dancing "car parade" but you went lazy on the wheels bud. I mean come on. There had to be some more stickers or bling you could have stuck on there. You are better then that "Carzy Car"

Now to the roof!


Just at a quick glance I see daffy Duck, Olaf from frozen, a few fish, one of those lawn art wizard balls, a plane and... OH MY GOD. Look at the windshield. there is more stuff inside! How has this roof not collapsed under the weight of it knick knacks??? Turns with this bad boy could be fun though. See if you could fling the wizard ball into the neighbors swimming pool or daffy into the rabbit hole!

Now this car is probably the tops the list of strange cars I have seen but we want to see any weird or just flat stupid rides that you may have seen.

Either send them to us a info@neverdoneusa.com or post them to our facebook or in a reply to this blog post. We want to see what messed up CARZY rides the Never Done community can find! Happy hunting and here is one last glimpse of the unicorn!



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