Don't Be an Idiot!!

Don't Be an Idiot!!

We at Never Done take things, at times several steps farther then the average person should. We like to go faster, jump higher, burn more rubber and drive where we probably shouldn't more then we would like to admit on the internet. But we are also trained and have the experience to deal with many of the things that pop up when you, oh I don't know go over a hill and your butt puckers because over the tip of the hood you see nothing but sky.

We know when its time to not push it either for our own safety, others or for our vehicles safety.

I have lost count of the times Clint and I have yell that was stupid after we did something or wondered what if then tried it then wished we hadn't tried it. If you want to know what it feels like to lift up the front of a front wheel drive car while your buddy hits the gas it is crazy and terrifying. Just don't do it.

We push ourselves and our cars to the limit so you don't have to.

I feel this is never more true then when weather is involved. 


The last year in Houston we have had some amazing and terrifying flooding and as of right now over 25 people have died. Most of them were avoidable too. People get in a hurry or think hey its not that bad and go for it. In Idaho people get stranded in the snow every year and its because they think hey I can make it.

I am telling you right now. It is better to be safe then sorry. Don't push when you don't have to, know your vehicle and how it behaves and what it can handle. Your little low to the ground sports car might not be the best vehicle for plowing through snow drifts or forging a damn river.

Another place you should know your limits is in modding your vehicles. By all means learn, watch Professor Clint videos, read, study and tinker but know when you should maybe let the professionals take a shot cause maybe your DYI muffler job shouldn't be making those sounds. Or maybe your super slick spoiler you attached yourself shouldn't have flown off your car on the freeway. And maybe just maybe your make shift DIY snorkel might no be the best snorkel in the world!

Basically when it comes down to safety and modifying just DON'T BE AN IDIOT and the world will be a much better place.


Lugs and Wrenches,

The Other Guy


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