The other guy (technical difficulties)

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The other guy (technical difficulties)

Hey everybody this is Jeff the other side of Never Done. I am the guy that you can thank (or yell at) for all the videos you see coming out for Never Done. I am also responsible for Clint's fowl mood sometimes due to many many re-shoots, script or equipment changes and technical difficulties. 

Speaking of technical difficulties when it rains on Never Done it pours. I was in the middle of editing the new awesome and informative Professor Clint when my computer froze and I saw the dreaded beach ball of death!!! In Mac world that means something is having a major problem and needs some time to catch up. So I got up made dinner, cleaned up and was heading back into the office when I saw an eerie blue gray light coming from the office. I entered and saw that the light was coming from my computer. Worried and puzzled I sat down at the desk to see this little icon dancing around my screen

Gray screen of your computer is f*$%ed up!

The hard drive was dead! Soooo that sucks!! And speaking of technical difficulties all the pictures for this blog are posting upside down for some damn reason!! So there is that.

My hard drive failed hard!! So I called up Clint to update him on another technical crap drop we were having and guess what? His hard drive failed to! He was trying to find some way to bolt on a turbo to the exhaust fans and see if he could get the computer to use nitrous to cool the processor when his hard drive crapped out too! It was an amazing day for the technical department of Never Done let me tell you. All in total we lost a crap ton of data. Luckily my system was being backed up 3 times a day. So I didn't lose that much on my end as far as video editing goes but in other video, photos and general awesomeness we lost a bunch. We are still crossing our fingers that our backup drives kicked in and we wont lose that much.

Of the three computers we had for work our video computer was dead, our photo web and awesome creating computer was dead and all we had left was the word processing and dumb boring work computer. It was like the truck blew a head gasket the rat rod threw a rod and all we had left to film the burnout video was a moped.

We put our heads together and though what the hell. We work on cars and we pride ourselves on taking to the next level so why not go for broke on the computers. So we threw caution to the wind and ordered our new main drives two SSHD, and 5TB of drives for backup and storage to add to our already existing 8TB of storage so this crap wont happen again.

Damn upside down pictures!!!

We were in the update and upgrade mood so whats throwing a little extra ram into the basket too!! We took the video Mac to 8GBs of ram giving it a nice little boost and upgraded from a 320GB drive to a 500GB SSHD with over 8TBs of storage and backup space! With the awesome creator computer we got a 1TB SSHD and 5TB of backup and storage, and a powerful 16GBs of ram!!

might aw well clean up while I'm in here!

Just a little cleanup while I'm in there!

With the shiny new ram and hard drive I went to town unplugging and playing with the guts of the macbook pro. The little screws are a pain in the ass and everything is so tightly packed in there. But found the ram clips and switched them out and found the cable and swapped out the hard drive for the shiny new one!

Done now time to button up this bad boy and see if all my work was worth it.

I place the back on the computer and found all the little damn screws. One fell on the floor so I spent about 10 mins on the floor with a flashlight trying to find it!! Stupid little screws!!

I got it all button upped and now came the moment of truth. I started the reboot and restore. And boom!! The new stuff started right up and took off.

What the hell this picture is sideways. I just can't win!!!

Well it took 5 hours to restore but the Macbook Pro is up are running and I'm happy to say that I didn't lose all that much, the system as a whole is much snappier and you all should have a new Professor Clint coming at your faces very quickly!

Now its Clint's turn. As I write this he is neck deep in cables and computer dust upgrading the awesome creator computer and getting it ready for a whole new bunch of bad ass Never Done stuff coming your way.

Just another day in the life of Never Done were if your gonna do something you might as well upgrade it!


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Jeff

    What the hell. All the pictures were sideways and upside down in the preview!! Ahh hell what ever. Now I just sound like a crazy person. :)

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