Snappin Necks!

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Snappin Necks!

So other guy here again.

Last time I left you I told you about my super cheap kick ass paint job. Well here is a brief story about the aftermath.

I was driving down the road in my nicely painted kick ass Bronco. I had dubbed the Bronco "The Rhino" because it was gray and the wrinkled paint resembled a Rhino more then a Bronco.

But back to the story I was driving down the road feeling good and loving life when I saw this dude pass me and as he did I saw his head do a literal 360 to keep his eyes on the Rhino. I gave myself a high five. "Damn Rhino you just snapped that neck." (snapping a neck, for those that don't know, is when a person turns to look at your car (or lady) so hard you think they must have snapped their neck) I was feeling awesome. My truck looks great, then I heard the tire squealing that could only be the prelude to a massive accident. I looked in my rear view expecting to see the dude bumper deep in the neon in front of him to instead I see the dude on my ass!

He is on my bumper! Now I'm wondering what I did. Did I accidentally flip him off? (known to happen), did I yell at him at a stop light? (also known to happen). I ran through everything I could think of checking his face to my past transgressions and nothing. I was drawing a blank as he was drawing closer and closer to my bumper.

So I did what any person would do. I break checked him and turned on the next street to shake him.

And there he was, on my ass! So I decided that this was enough it was time to pull into a parking lot and do some work.

I pulled into a parking lot of a grocery store, grabbed my tire thumper and opened the door. I hopped out and stared the man down as he jumped out of his car. My hand was on the tire thumper on the driver seat as the guy walked closer and closer. I was ready to smack or at least scare the crap out of this guy when he said "WOW DUDE WHAT KINDA PAINT IS THIS?!"

"What?" My adrenaline was flowing so hard I could hear my heart beating in my ears, "did you say paint?"

"Yeah man, this is bad ass, what kinda paint did you use?"

"Ummm" I was struck dumb. I was sitting there all ready to fight and he just wanted to chat about my car's paint.

"It's rustoleum" "WHAT? Rustoleum ay? But how did you get the bumps?"

"It's the hammered texture, lots of prep work then rolled on hammered rustoleum."

"Dude that is awesome! You rolled this on? Man it looks awesome!! Can I touch it?"

At this point the shock had warn off and I was just laughing. "Dude you don't roll up on a guy like that. You know I was about ready to beat you down right?"

"You know, I didn't think about that. I just wanted to see what this bad ass paint job was like up close."

"Yeah dude you can pet the Rhino" We talked about cars, the paint job and other project cars for a few more minuets before we both decided that it was time to go about our day. But I will always remember the time that snapping a neck on the road almost turned to snapping a neck in a parking lot.

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