When You Want Something Done Right... Do it Yourself?

When You Want Something Done Right... Do it Yourself?

As a guy that is somewhat in the car world, I am always interested in what people feel like they can tackle on their own, or fell they need a professional to do. 

I know some that won't do alignments at home cause its easier at the shop. Pros that wont tackle an exhaust cause a shop can most of the time do it faster and cheaper. But what is your limit? When do you call in the big guns?

I will admit that I'm not a total gear head. I know cars a bit but when things go super clunk or when special tools are needed I bow out. My first call is 99% of the time to Clint. Because that man is a walking car manual. Professor Clint is the real deal guys. If he thinks I can tackle it, knowing my level of skill, I will give it a shot.  His formula for me is, how much will it cost to fix and how much will it cost if I screw up big time. If the positive out weights the negative I usually give it a try. I have learned so much by doing and failing and doing again. But I don't think I have ever been more proud then when I did clean up work on the rear of the Bronco!

I have done lots of cool things (Country Thug anyone!! Download Here  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/country-thug-single/id674026884)   But seeing the back of my beat up, noisy, rusty, dusty, filthy hole of a back hatch to a clean, rust free, wired for sound show room! Well maybe not show quality but the nights and weekends I spent working in my Bronco, the literal and sweat I poured into that thing, when it was all done, I don't know how much wider my smile could have been.

I brought it all the way down and built it all the way up. With the limited extra time I had I took everything out and it fought me the whole way. I had to drill out the bolts that rusted off and snapped off at the head, scrub rust, clean up who knows what kind of filth in the cracks, spend late night cleaning and prepping. Spend more time with a heat gun on my hands and knees putting all the mat down. Find solutions on how to fix this and redo that. It was hard, tiring, fun and super rewarding!

So then next time you think about tackling that project give it a shot if of costs line up. But maybe start on something that screwing up wont be a big deal and maybe on a car the wont break the bank either. You don't want your first repair job to be on a $90,000 car.

But when you get it right, and you will, the scrapes, cuts, stains and crud wont matter.  Because no matter how you feel, once it's done, you will smile from ear to ear.

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