You'll Never Forget Your First

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You'll Never Forget Your First

Every car person alive has had a first crush! The first time you see her you just know. You need to get in there. Feel her interior, adjust some hinges, lube her chassis, insert any innuendo here. You just know you have to have her. But like many crushes in your life, not all of them work out. Sometimes you don't get to know her in that intimate 0 to 60 way. And some times you do and its not the ride you were hoping for (but that's another story).

This story is about my first car crush. And our master plan to get her.

Clint and I are in middle school walking the 2 miles to school (uphill both ways) and we decided to find a short cut. When you are in middle school and looking for a short cut in a small kinda farm-like town most of the times means cutting through someones property and this was no exception. We called him old farmer Jones I think, and he was said to be the meanest farmer in the area.

Clint said he was tired of this ridiculous walk every freaking day to school and there had to be another way. We looked at each other and we knew. There was another way but it was risking life and limb going through farmer Jones' fields and ditch.


We made a plan, a path and in our little heads it was timed perfect and super spy worthy! We were gonna run for the ditch and hide there, then we would run for the road. FOOL PROOF!!

But unbeknownst to us Farmer Jones had a little trap set up to catch little car lovers from getting to the ditch.

We bolted for the ditch running as fast as our little legs could carry us, the ditch was in sight when just over the over grown grass and wood piles we saw it. Clint and I both slowed to a standstill. A 1965 (I'm sure Clint will correct me on the dates if I'm off here) forest green Ford Mustang! Just sitting there in the weeds. We stopped looked at each other then back at the car. How could we have missed this? It was in clear view of the road, how in the hell could we have missed something this amazing. 

The fact that we were trespassing, on what our middle school minds had made into the meanest son of a bitch in town, was just a fleeting memory. Replaced with all the awesome beauty that laid before us. I had visions of us driving into the middle school parking lot, parking with the teachers and intentionally leaving the headlights on so when the intercom came on and said "to the owner of the baddest ass forest green Mustang in the world your awesome as shit headlights are still on." Then I would jump up from class, yell "got to go teacher my ride needs me" as I fist bumped my way through the crowds of other middle schoolers and teachers.  This an about 100 other fantasies flew through my head. I turned to look at Clint and I could see he was in a similar world. Then reality hit. 

"Get the HELL of my land!!" Awe shit Farmer JONES. Clint and I bolted, swearing we heard the sound of a shot gun chambering a round. In all honesty it was probably some old lady yelling at her dog then dropping a broom but in our heads it was the closest brush with death yet.

We made it to the safety of the road then talked about the Mustang the entire way to school. And every time we walked by it on the way to school the plans to get it got bigger and bigger. We sold worms, mowed yards, shoveled snow, painted rooms, weeded and you name the odd job for middle school boys and we did it. All with the goal in the back of our minds Forest Green Mustang!

But alas it was not meant to be. One day we walked by the lot and it was gone. Our first love was gone. Some ass hat took her to do God knows what!

We were PISSED. But, with lots of time, the shock eventually subsided and we both moved on from our first forest green love, found other cars to put our worm and yard money into but like the saying goes. You never forget your first and I sure haven't!

With Valentine's Day just a few days behind us I though it was the right time to talk about love. And here is another way to show love to the car of your dreams.


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