Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!

Its The Other Guy here again. And I am gonna talk to you about something that is near and dear to my heart. Be ready to embrace the unknown.

I can't tell you how many times I have been driving when all of a sudden a clunk or thud or boom or smoke and then "SHIT"

It is a fact of life when you are living with a car that at some point it will crap out. Sometimes it will be bigger then others but it will crap out.

Here is an epic crap out!

Clint and I were driving around in my 1977 VW rabbit when we both heard a clunk and a wizzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Crazy what the hell. We pulled into the parking lot and being young and dumb turned the car back on. No sound, nothing seemed out of place, it started up fine, so being young and dumb we went about our day. Luckily we got home before it no longer started and smoking a little. Lifted the hood and boom there was the alternator just hanging out not hooked to anything. "How in the hell did that happen!!!"

Driving my 1988 GMC Sierra work truck when I heard a pop and everything got REAL LOUD!!! I had to pull over into a lot and see what the hell happened. My exhaust FELL OFF! It was just dangling there completely unhooked from the manifolds.

My baby my 1993 Ford Bronco! I can't list all of the times I've been stranded on the side of the road with this truck. I got it right at the end of all of bits and pieces. The day I was shifting into the 2nd gear then I couldn't shift into 3rd. The day my foot when all the way to the floor with the clutch. The day my back window rolled half way up in a rain storm, the day I hit a speed bump then next thing I know I was looking at the ceiling of my bronco. My seat BROKE!

Even newer cars. I was driving home from Denver with my now wife when pop white smoke was pouring out of the back of the car. I pulled over in God know where Wyoming in the freezing cold for 3 hours to find out after a 220 mile tow that when the car was being repaired the return transmission cooling hoses we not attached properly and popped off.

Not on th etwo truck but about to float away!

Floods are unexpected too. That car is parked on the lawn. Not in the road.

I have seen old and new cars being loaded onto tow trucks and broken down on the side of the road. And the chances are that at some point it will be you.

"Well shit, I'm screwed!" you might be saying. Not necessarily. Regular maintenance on your rig, learning how to fix little bits and pieces and just knowing more about your car in general can make you more prepared. It will still suck donkey balls, but you might be able to diagnose the problem and even patch or fix the problem yourself on the road. So don't just drive your car, Learn about it, because any little bit that you can pick up can help out a ton when you are stuck out in the middle of B.F.E. and you start hearing banjo music.

If you want to see some cars have some epic crap outs watch this video of a kick ass Demo derby featuring the Never Done Car!

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