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Hello again it's The Other Guy here. I recently had the privilege of visiting Space Center Houston (Johnson Space Center) and wow was it an awesome trip. If you are at all a fan of space, history or big ass engines and cool stuff you will enjoy it. I was standing in what looked like an indoor football arena and holding a rocket that took up the entire thing. This was huge! You could fit my ford bronco in the one of the first rear engines! This was HUGE! While standing there mouth agape it hit me! NASA had to...

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Every car person alive has had a first crush! The first time you see her you just know. You need to get in there. Feel her interior, adjust some hinges, lube her chassis, insert any innuendo here. You just know you have to have her. But like many crushes in your life, not all of them work out. Sometimes you don't get to know her in that intimate 0 to 60 way. And some times you do and its not the ride you were hoping for (but that's another story). This story is about my first car crush. And our...

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Author: Jeff Thompson

a.k.a. The Other Guy

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