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Insert Before Flight Key Chain

Let's be honest, your keys are boring!

Wouldn't you and your keys look a lot cooler with one of these awesome "INSERT BEFORE FLIGHT" embroidered fabric key chains? Just imagine how impressed your friends will be when they see this hanging smoothly from your pocket or even more impressively from your vehicle's ignition! 

These key chains are made of a durable canvas material, they're BRIGHT red in color with very high quality embroidered stitching. The white letters are crisp and absolutely POP. The high quality embroidery continues around the full perimeter of the key chain to keep everything held together and strong for a long time and the stainless steel eyelet ensures that the key ring doesn't prematurely wear out the fabric. 

Dimensions are 5" long x 1" wide, just the right size to be tastefully seen but not be in the way.

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