2016 Never Done Car & Bike Show

Never Done Car Show 2016 - Celebrate Blackfoot

Never Done has taken over the car and bike show portion of the 2016 Celebrate Blackfoot event Saturday, July 2nd 2016 at Jensens Grove in Blackfoot Idaho.
Registration information is available at www.celebrateblackfoot.com

We will be judging the following categories:
- The Never Done Best In Show (this is a REALLY nice one!)
- Best Hot Rod
- Best Rat Rod
- Best Muscle Car
- Best Cruiser
- Best Tuner
- Best Paint
- Best Interior
- Best Engine
- Best Sounding Exhaust (register at the Never Done booth during the show to compete for this award)
- Best Off Road
- Best Bike
- Biggest Engine
- Crowd Favorite
- That's Just Cool

Judging will be fair and unbiased and our judges are expert or professional level in one or more automotive field. 4B liscence plates will not affect judging, nor will a personal relationship with a particular judge. If a vehicle wins an award it is because it was determined unanimously that it was the best in that category. Judges personal vehicles will only be eligible to win the "Crowd Favorite Award".
The maximum number of awards that can be given to one vehicle is 3: Best in their class, Crowd Favorite and Best in Show.

Schedule of events:
- 8:00am show vehicles will line up on Rose Rd. just off of Airport Rd. by the Tesoro (Oakridge) gas station for the parade. Vehicles not wanting to participate in the parade can simply head over to the grassy area at the Southeast corner of Jensens Grove between the Amphitheater and the boat ramp to be parked by Never Done staff for the car show.
- 9:00am Parade down Airport Rd. to Jensens Grove begins. As show vehicles arrive at Jensens Grove they will be parked by Never Done staff on the grassy area between the Amphitheater and the boat ramp. Bikes and vehicles too low to drive on the grass will be parked on the paved area just off of the grass.
- 10:00am all vehicles must be in place for the car show
- 11:00am Car Show officially begins
- 4:00pm Car Show officially ends and awards ceremony begins at the amphitheater.
- 4:00pm-5:00pm Exit routes will be opened for show vehicles to leave.
- 7:00pm-8:00pm Exit routes will again be opened for show vehicles and vendors to leave.

Never Done will have a booth placed in the middle of the grass between the trees during the car show to answer questions, accept voting for the "Crowd Favorite Award", and vend various Never Done clothing and memorabilia as well as cold beverages. Cash and Cards accepted.

For any additional questions please contact Clint Grover 208.390.4843 (text is best) or www.celebrateblackfoot.com