About Us

Never Done Industries is an automotive lifestyle business located in Blackfoot Idaho.

We are focuses on bringing you great original automotive content as well as useful how to videos via our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/neverdoneusa.

We offer clothing: Hats, Beanies, Snapbacks, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers, Automotive Decals, Posters, Calendars, Videos, Composite Parts (fiberglass and carbon fiber) and we're an authorized dealer of NX nitrous products and accessories.

We have a modeling sector that employs local girls from Idaho, Montana and Utah as well as local cars from the same areas for use in both digital and print media.


Never Done Industries was founded in July of 2006 by Clint J. Grover (Current President and CEO) and Warren D. Garner. Never Done Industries has grown from humble beginnings and has been fortunate enough to have involved some wonderfully talented people along the way, we're currently in the company of some of the best automotive, media and business minds in the industry.

Never Done CEO Clint J. Grover Clint J. Grover: CEO

Never Done Vice President Jeff Thompson Jeff Thompson: Vice President


The name Never Done comes from a simple truth known by every gearhead past and present; no matter how much you've done to your vehicle it is truly never done, there is always some new gadget or bolt on, a modification or an upgrade that must be done to make your baby "just right" and in that essence we've created Never Done.


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