HOW TO DO A BURNOUT in a Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) Manual Transmission Vehicle

This is a step by step instructional on How to do a Burnout in a Rear Wheel Drive Manual Transmission vehicle including a tutorial video from a man with over 20 years of burnout experience Mr. Clint Grover.

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Clint Grover owner of Never Done Industries
This is a written tutorial, if you'd prefer to watch a video just scroll to the bottom of the page.
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How to do a Burnout in a RWD Manual Transmission Vehicle

Step 1: COMPLETELY disable your traction control if your vehicle has it. Traction control is designed to reduce power to wheels that are slipping or losing traction, if you try to do a burnout with your traction control on your vehicle will simply cut the power to the wheels and that means no burnout for you. If you don't know how to disable your traction control just check the forums for your vehicle or do a google search, you'll find the answer in no time!
Step 2: Press The Clutch Pedal
Step 3: Select 1st Gear: Most burnouts are done in first gear (with a few exceptions).
Step 4: Floor it! Push the throttle pedal (gas pedal) to the floor.
Step 5: Dump The Clutch: Now that your engine RPM's are near redline it's time to put that power to the ground. By "dumping the clutch" or quickly releasing the clutch pedal you instantly transfer that power to your tires.
Step 6: Lightly Press Your Brake Pedal: As soon as you release the clutch pedal you want to quickly move your clutch foot over to your brake pedal and begin to apply light pressure while keeping your other foot (the one on the gas pedal) floored. Pressing on your brake pedal will engage your front brakes and help hold your vehicle in place while you're doing a burnout. This step is not completely necessary but it is a much safer way to do a burnout and greatly reduces the risk of your vehicle grabbing traction suddenly and throwing you in the ditch!
At this point your tires should be spinning freely and you should officially be doing a BURNOUT! Congratulations!
When you've finished your burnout simply let off the throttle and quickly press the clutch pedal and brake again.
That's all there is to it, welcome to the tire fryers society!
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What If My Vehicle Didn't Do A Burnout?

- Trick: Try putting water on your tires, it will help them lose traction much easier!
- DO NOT USE BLEACH for burnouts! It creates a dangerous gas and actually warms up your tires and makes them stick!
If the water trick doesn't work then one of two things are going on: Either your vehicle doesn't have enough power to do a burnout, or your traction control is not COMPLETELY disabled.
If your vehicle is under-powered and can't do a burnout then it's time for some bolt-ons! Take a look at our automotive accessories, mufflers and nitrous kits at the top of the page.
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