Never Done Alero

Epic shot of the Never Done Alero

The Never Done Alero

Never Done Alero front quarter view black and white
The Never Done Alero has been featured in several of our YouTube videos as well as many photos over the years. It's instantly recognizable in the Alero community and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Never Done Alero side view 2 tone
The Never Done Alero is a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero Gx
Never Done Alero rear quarter view launch
Never Done Alero custom hood and headlights

Build Sheet


2.4L LD9 stock internals
Iceman Cold Air Intake (sometimes we run a custom ram-air setup)
Hydrogen Assist (you don't have that!)
Manual Transmission with Spec stage III race clutch (WAY overkill)


4-1 ceramic coated header (heat wrapped)
Hayame muffler, no cat, custom exhaust.


Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs with factory struts


18" Quantum Tek S10 with whatever 225x40x18 tires are on sale because lord knows we're just going to burn those suckers off!!!


Never Done Front Bumper (OSV Style)
Never Done Bubble Hood
Cleared headlights with upgraded bulbs
Ebay aluminum wing
Rustoleum flat white and satin black paint (the stuff you're supposed to roll on NOT spray!!! it's a long story.) with red pinstripe tape separating the two.
The license plate now says NEVERDONE (update since photos were taken).
Never Done Alero burnout


Before the 2 tone:

 Never Done Alero when it was red
 Believe it or not the Never Done Alero started out RED.
Never Done Alero when it was red rear view
Red Never Done Alero with new fiberglass bumper
After the 1st OSV style bumper was finished.
Red Never Done Alero in shop with brand new bumper
When we finish a new composite part we test it for YEARS through year round Sun, Rain, Snow, Bumps, you name it we put our parts through it! The photo below was after about a year of testing on the bumper, we were also playing with a new fender and hood design at the time. The hood ended up making it into testing as well and both are still currently installed on the Never Done Alero today.
Red Never Done Alero testing new composite parts
The Never Done Alero is only on phase 1 of it's build process and you can bet that things will get a LOT crazier as time goes on!
Custom Alero on the street