Cool Baby on Board Decal - Reflective White Vinyl

$ 9.99

You know how nerve racking it is to drive through traffic with a baby in your vehicle? It seems like every single vehicle in the state is on the same road as you and NONE of them know how to drive! All you want to do is get that baby safely to your destination but it's like driving through a mine field of morons. 

You think to yourself: 

"If they only knew I had a baby in my vehicle they'd slow down and stop trying to crash into me". 

"Don't they know how cool my baby is? I wish they just knew that they needed to be more careful around my vehicle as they rush by". 

We've been there! White knuckling the steering wheel, muttering curse words under our breath as we brave the pavement gauntlet between the grocery store and our home. Talk about a stressful situation. 

Here's a solution.

These reflective white vinyl cool "Baby On Board" window decals are not only absolutely adorable but they deliver the important message that you have precious cargo on board! 

Just imagine how your friends will react when they see this cool baby on board decal adorning your vehicles window.


3 1/4" x 5 1/2" Reflective White Vinyl Window Decal.

Package includes 1 vinyl decal.

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