Universal Rearview Mirror Phone Holder - 360 Degree Rotation

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$ 16.99

Trying to fumble with your phone while drive is dangerous but what about when you need your phone for directions? What if you're somewhere you've never been and you need to see the map so you know when your turn is coming up? What about that video call that you need to be on for work? Or the countless other reasons you have for needing your screen available to glance at without looking away from the road. 

Now you can securely mount your phone below your rearview mirror, right where you can see it all without taking your eyes away from the road! What about sun glare you ask? No problem, this baby not only mounts securely and easily but it rotates up to 360 degrees so that you can aim your screen right where you need it without interfering with or blocking your rearview mirror. 

This device is designed for use with most modern cell phones.

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